5 Hunter X Hunter Characters Who Could Survive A Titan Assault (& 5 Who Couldn’t)

The first foray into Shiganshina was one of the most horrifyingly appalling scenes of the Attack On Titan universe. Giants invaded from a hole produced by Bertholdt, mindlessly hellbent on consuming the Eldians of Paradis.

It yielded disastrous consequences that would permanently traumatize Eren Yeager and set the events of the series into motion. However, the demise of the nation's denizens might not have been assured if they were more powerful. Through gauging how characters from the Hunter X Hunter universe would have fared under the same situation, we can determine how fatal a titan assault actually is.

10 DIE: Milluki Zoldyck's Technological Prowess Would Be Worthless

HunterXHunter's Milluki Zoldyck Talking On The Phone

Milluki Zoldyck was the most technologically skilled member of his family of assassins. However, he was incompetent at fighting; the youth is as every bit as hopeless in a battle as his corpulent figure might suggest.

His only hope for surviving a titan assault is if he purchased a mercenary to defend him before Shiganshina is breached. However, considering that Yeager did not have this provision when procuring his own survival, it follows that Milluki would also be caught completely unaware, devoured shortly after the first titan has made its incursion.

9 SURVIVE: Phinks Has Extraordinary Skill & Strength

Phinks balances strength with skill, as demonstrated through the events of the Yorknew Arc. In addition to dodging a barrage of bullets, he snapped dozens of his opponents' necks before they could properly process why they had died.

This evinces his competence in battle and the alacrity at his disposal. While he may not possess a piercing instrument by which to rip open the nape of a titan's neck, he would be able to flee from them expediently without regard to the safety of those also attempting to retreat.

8 DIE: Leol's Nen Ability Is Limited By His Terrain

Through stealing the Nen ability of his target, Leol was able to produce copious tidal waves that he could surf on. This made him a formidable adversary for Morel during their battle indoors, forcing the hunter to rely on his impressive lungs in order to bring the chimera ant down.

In an open terrain, his gift is essentially worthless, and his enhanced physiology would do little to stave off the giants' wrath. As a result, Leol would quickly succumb to the towering predators for his inability to thwart them.

7 SURVIVE: Cheetu's Agility Would Provide Ample Protection

Cheetu's agility rendered him beyond the reach of Morel in spite of the man's "Deep Purple" Nen ability. Capable of moving at unspeakable velocities, he would easily outpace the titans regardless of their superior stride.

The only significant danger he would face has to do with his low intelligence. Constantly attempting to make a game out of his battles, he would likely place himself in front of the titans in hopes of attracting their attention. However, given their differential in maneuverability, this would be a safe risk for him to take even if the Armored Titan were to confront him.

6 DIE: Kurapika's Strength Is Limited By His Nen Condition

Kurapika's "Emperor Time" allows him to bridle all schools of Nen and become one of the strongest characters in the series. However, its condition is harrowingly specific; if he employs it against anyone other than a Phantom Troupe member, he will die.

As a result, the bulk of his skills would be entirely worthless when combatting the titans. Though his speed would remain advantageous, he could not defend himself should he become cornered.

5 SURVIVE: Killua's Godspeed Would Enable A Comfortable Escape

Killua's "Godspeed" allows him to reach a velocity approximating the speed of lightning. Using it, he easily outran cars and would avoid titans with even greater efficiency.

Should he be inclined, the youth is more than capable of defeating dozens of giants. Raised as an assassin, he has been trained to identify his targets' weaknesses and would swiftly exploit their vulnerable napes. With claws powerful and surgical enough to carve out a human heart in the blink of an eye, he would shred titan skin with equally little effort.

4 DIE: The Bomber's Explosions Lack The Potency To Take Down A Titan

Genthru was able to kill many of his victims through his Nen ability to create explosions. Even when shielded, it caused considerable damage to Gon Freecss, boding well for the caliber he is able to command.

However, fire has never been demonstrated as an effective weapon against the titans, especially since they are impervious to pain. Even if it was, the Bomber's attacks can only exploit a targeted area and would not staunch the giants from ripping him apart.

3 SURVIVE: Knov Could Teleport Himself To Safety

Knov was an immensely talented hunter and one of Isaac Netero's trusted vanguard. His Nen ability allowed him to create portals that he could traverse through with ease, enabling his escape from the titans without risk to himself.

The only obstacle Knov might face is through how easily he can be cowed (as proven by his encounter with Neferpitou). However, given that the titans do not emanate a Nen aura, he would be able to abscond without being permanently traumatized in the process.

2 DIE: Shizuku's Vacuum Is Counterproductive To Her Escape

Shizuku was skilled with the vacuum she wielded. Its powerful suction could devour anything in its path regardless of how large the subject was. However, targets with more mass required a greater amount of time for her weapon to process.

Further, she can only cast it in a single direction and possesses even less physical strength than Gon did after only recently harnessing Nen. Consequently, she would soon find herself overwhelmed by dozens of titans, unprepared to contend with their combined wrath and being devoured shortly after the fight was started.

1 SURVIVE: Meleoron Could Exploit The Titans' Low Intelligence With Invisibility

Meleoron hxh

Meleoron was able to turn himself invisible for as long as he could hold his breath. Though one of the weakest chimera ants in a direct confrontation, this superb skill rendered him a peerless spy and invaluable asset to the Hunters' efforts.

Considering that he remain in stealth for several minutes, he would easily be able to exploit the titans' low attention span and intelligence, taking refuge in one of Shiganshina's many buildings and catching his breath when necessary before resuming his sojourn into the inner walls. Ironically, only the crowded streets of fleeing civilians would prove a considerable obstacle for him to overcome.

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