2021 Electronic Dance Music List – A Guide To Electronic Dance Music

2021 electronic dance music fashions are taking a break from the old, classic clubbeats that have been so prevalent over the past couple of decades. People are gravitating to new-age, laid-back sounds and melodies in order to keep the energy high and the party going long into the night. While the baseline and the top-notch hip-hop and pop that have dominated the charts for years may be taking a leave, the number of songs with a more ‘out-there’ feel to them are popping up. These are songs that feature pulsating, throbbing beats and funky, hypnotic melodies that really get the heart pumping. Here are five of the best for this year:

Bluerider x Blazer ft. Niki Randa – This Bluerider x Blazer dollar is just as smooth as the previous singles that preceded it. The sound is raw and heavy, thanks to the drums being played on top of a strong foundation of bass and top-rate dance music. Niki Randa’s voice carries a strong presence throughout the song; it also helps that her voice has a distinctive sound that is different than the other leading female vocalists we’ve heard on previous albums. This track is sure to be one of the highlights of the year for both fans of dance music and the dancing population in general. You can listen to it at iTunes.

Zebrafish – Don’t let the name scare you. This is one of those rare finds that actually makes me excited for my commute home! This is a collaboration between LCD Soundsystem and Zebrafish, one of the trendiest dance labels out there right now. The music comes from a series of bassy, distorted sounds and samples that combine into a hypnotic piece that almost sounds electronic but never quite reaches that level. It’s worth a listen at iTunes.

Dan Williams – This British producer has been around since the mid-2000s, and is known for his mellow and soothing vocals. His music has a slightly looser feel to it than some of the other artists mentioned above, which is one of its best attributes. With Williams at the helm, trance music is getting more mainstream. If you’re not into the genre but like the quality of pop songs these days, this album should prove to be a perfect fit. You can get it at iTunes.

Above & Beyond – This band made a name for themselves by creating an entire album based around the deep, dark, futuristic beats they create. They are still a bit of a mystery, but fans seem to love their approach to the “out of the box” genre. They have a song with the phrase “you know you’re in the dream” on it already. If you haven’t listened to them, you need to right away.

Arty Meister – This German DJ and producer has been producing some of the most soothing and relaxing music you’ll hear this year. His style is much different than most of the other artists on this list, as he tends to use a lot of slow, nature sounds to set the mood. One of his most recent additions to the music scene was, “After Life” which is a beautiful, heartbreaking piece that will take you into a strange yet comforting world. It’s worth the buy if you’ve never heard from him before. You can get “After Life” at iTunes.

Above & Beyond feat. The Upbeats – This Australian four-piece has been steadily proving themselves as one of the most forward thinking and progressive dance bands out there. They continue to tour the country and give fans a wide variety of sounds to dance to no matter what type of dance you are interested in. You can get “Above & Beyond feat. The Upbeats” at iTunes.

Above & Beyond music has definitely picked up the pace this year. With so many great artists and albums to choose from, there should be something for everyone. Electronic dance music isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so this is a great time to get started with it. Don’t miss out on any of the awesome music this season.