2021 Best Electronic Dance Music Mixes

The best electronic dance music mix 2021 has to be Calvin Klein. No mix is complete without the star of LCD’s “Luxurious” and her partner in crime Van Marth. They have produced some of hip hop’s most memorable tracks such as Blank Face, Eptic and Thinking of You. Their incredible chemistry has made them one of the most popular electronic music acts today. If you’re looking for a fantastic electronic music mix for your next party, this is it!

One of the big breakthroughs in electronic dance music is House Music Mix. This is one of those rare moments in house music when a song really makes an impression. With Knife Ft. RZA, Estelle and Avicenna, it represents the best of what the genre has to offer in one single track.

If you’re into electronic music, then you will love this track. It was released under the name of “Love is in the air.” With an incredible drum beat and infectious guitar riffs, it’s clear that this mix would rock the night away. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. A steady high tempo and a wide variety of genres make this an excellent electronic music selection for anyone looking for a new and innovative addition to their party music set.

This is another great electronic dance music mix from Avicenna. Using mostly acoustic guitar and keyboards, the vocals are kept very low. This gives the mix an atmospheric feel, while still maintaining a forward-moving feel. If you’re looking for a track that will keep you up all night, this is the electronic dance music mix for you.

This is one of my favorite EDM albums of all time. If you’re looking for some old school trance with modern flair, this is the album for you. Lyrically, this track is very uplifting, featuring smooth vocals from Alessia Cara. well-written and memorable lyric keeps this electronic dance music mix from being just another forgettable oldie.

Arty with Tunes, this impressive electronic music compilation by Arty Meister is perfect for any festival or party atmosphere. Mixing a myriad of sounds with a plethora of styles, this is a must-have track. From downtuned to screaming pop, this is the perfect mix to top off your evening or day.

Finally, we bring you the best electronic dance music mix of the season. Nothing beats the top-quality sound of a live set when it comes to setting the mood for an entire club or gathering. This EDM mix is incredible, as usual, combining hard rock with glitch and dubstep to create a head-turner sensation. Boasting of stellar vocal performances by Disclosure, Avicii, Kaskade and others, this track is definitely worth the price. The perfect showcase for Disclosure’s amazing vocal talent, this will not be the final track from this year’s tour.

Hopefully this list of artists to look out for in the best electronic music mix of the year will help you pinpoint the most incredible tracks to add to your record collection. This year has truly been a banner year for electronic dance music, with many new and notable albums appearing on both dance floors and download services such as iTunes. Even though most labels are already full-on EDM heavy, there are still a few labels that have buckled the trends and have produced some amazing electronic music. Make sure to keep your ears open for the next great release.

Calvin Klein is back at it again with their fifth album and it’s called XXL. After a successful mini-LP (and first proper album) back in 2021, the house is back on the stage with XXL bringing another powerhouse of electronic hits. A collaboration between the legendary producer Nile Rogers and Diplo, this is another one of those quintessential’Trap songs’ that will rock the party circuit come spring.

Another incredible album that should be considered for the best electronic dance music mix of the year is The New Year’s Rock Record, featuring Skrillex, DJ Craze, and Paul McCartney. Produced by DJ Zebra and mate for the past three years, this is a true collaboration of some high-powered producers. One of the features that really stands out on this album is Skrillex’s amazing vocals. If you’re going to take some time off from trap because of his amazing voice, this is one of the songs you have to hear. We can’t mention it enough…

So there you have it, some of the biggest, most requested songs from the last year in the electronic scene, which we hope you enjoyed. We’ll be back next with our list of the best electronic dance music mix of the year! Until then, have a great dance!