2020 Found Its Perfect Sonic Reflection In Dejhare’s “Do What You Gotta Do”

2020 and Covid-19 have inspired many artists to create during the pandemic. The year was emotionally overwhelming for all of us. Thus, projects dedicated to it make us feel emotionally connected to the creator and the project itself. There was nothing positive about the pandemic, but it motivated the singer-songwriter Dejhare to create her very positive and uplifting feel-good song “Do What You Gotta Do.” 

The song is a flawless mixture of electro-dance and progressive pop sounds, delivering the message of doing what we have to do despite the circumstances. It makes the listener think about different parts of the world being separated, but humanity has never been so united. We all share the same experience, and it affects us all. Dejhare and her positive energy are here to keep us sane and tell our shared truth through the lens of music.