10 Strongest Anime Generals, Ranked

Whether it falls within the military genre or not, plenty of anime needs great commanders and officers to lead other characters and nations to greatness or infamy. These leaders must not only provide battle plans and tactics that will secure their wins, but they must also provide a shining example for their subordinates and be strong in and of themselves.

From high-flying mecha pilots to fire-breathing martial artists, anime is packed with generals that prove their skill and value. With such a wide pool of talent, however, it's inevitable that some anime generals are stronger than others.

10 Carmilla Of Castlevania Takes Over Dracula's Place

Carmilla, Lenore, Striga, Castlevania

Not only is Castlevania's Carmilla able to orchestrate a plan to overthrow the lord of the vampires himself, Dracula Tepes, she's also able to best the rest of his generals. She even tricks one of them into becoming her slave and a forgemaster under her command.

As hypocritical as it sounds, Carmilla hates Dracula because she sees him as cruel and insane, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She somehow pulls it off and becomes the next antagonist after Dracula's death.

9 Reinhard Von Lohengramm From Legend Of The Galatic Heroes Reforms An Empire

Reinhard Von Lohengramm is an admiral and the emperor of the Galatic Empire in Legend of the Galactic Heroes. He's regarded as a prodigy in the realm of military tactics and political dealings. He also has many famous interactions with the Free Planets Alliance's top admiral, Yang Wen-Li.

The anime and novel series focus on clashes between Lohengramm and Wen-Li as a tale of analogous characters. Lohengramm stands out not only for his ability to lead a military but also for his ability to reform and lead an entire Empire.

8 Legend Of The Galactic Heroes' Yang Wen-li Becomes A Symbol Of Democracy

Yang Wen-Li is an admiral for the Free Planets Star Fleet in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and he's often regarded as one of the most capable officers in the series. While he isn't technically a general, his rank fills the same role for his branch of the military.

He famously finds himself at odds with another military commander, Reinhard Von Lohengramm. Yang Wen-Li led his subordinates to many iconic victories. When he dies, he's treated as a heroic symbol of democracy.

7 Code Geass' Lelouch Lamperouge Initiates A Rebellion

Lelouch Aims At Suzaku In Code Geass

Code Geass' Lelouch Lamperouge becomes a general of his own making thanks to his alter-ego, Zero. He leads a rebel group that terrorizes the Britannian royal family to save Japan from their iron rule. However, in doing so, Lelouch causes a lot of innocent people to get hurt.

Lelouch is incredibly intelligent and has a knack for being able to counter all of his opponents' strategies. He's a brilliant tactician who's also charismatic enough to lead a rebellion.

6 Fullmetal Alchemist's General Olivier Armstrong Commands Fear Despite Not Having Alchemy

Fullmetal Alchemist Olivier Mira Armstrong

General Olivier is the non-alchemist sister of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's favorite, Alex Louis Armstrong. Despite her lack of magical ability, she's an incredibly formidable character who possesses strength, intellect, and courage. She's not only intimidating but also commands the room, a skill that a great general should have.

In a world like that of Fullmetal Alchemist's, a character must be as mentally strong as they are physically capable. Being able to contend within a world like that proved Armstrong's worthiness.

5 Forgemaster Isaac Of Castlevania Comes Back For Revenge

Castlevania's Isaac is a forgemaster who's sworn to serve the vampire lord, Dracula. However, after Dracula's death, he'ss at a loss. He was one of Dracula's most trusted generals, so without Dracula, he set off on a quest for revenge.

He and his army of night creatures destroyed entire towns, sorcerers, and even other vampire lords. He isn't the strongest person in the series, but his forgemaster abilities paired with his leadership skills make him formidable. He's also compelled by loyalty and conviction giving him more strength.

4 Gundam's Char Aznable Is An Iconic Antagonist

Char Aznable Enjoys The War In Mobile Suit Gundam

Char Azanble is both a villain and a hero in the Gundam franchise. In Mobile Suit Gundam, he plays an antagonist so evil that he orchestrates his best friend's death. Notably, he's a popular character in the anime thanks to his military prowess.

Not only is he a fearsome mecha pilot due to his impressive speed and power, but he's also a great tactician with brilliant strategies. All of this makes Char one of the most memorable characters of the series.

3 Kuvira From The Legend Of Korra Almost Defeats The Avatar

kuvira on tracks

Kuvira is the metal-bending general of the Earth Empire in The Legend of Korra. She's strong, shrewd, and courageous, but she was overzealous when it came to her imperialist pursuits. Her desire for conquest reminded many of the Fire Nation's pursuits in the original Avatar series.

Kuvira doesn't stop fighting right down to the last moment, and she gives Avatar Korra a run for her money on multiple occasions. She's an amazing general who led her troops to many victories.

2 Avatar: The Last Airbender's General Iroh Helps Stop The Fire Nation's Invasions

General Iroh is a famous Fire Nation general and part of the Royal Family who's rumored to have fought dragons and been the first to breach Ba Sing Se. However, it turns out that Iroh has a good side. He not only protects the dragons, but he also leaves the imperialist Fire Nation behind and helps Team Avatar save the world from his tyrannical younger brother.

Iroh is a genius general during his younger days in Avatar: The Last Airbender, but he redeems himself and proves his power as the wise sage and mentor of Prince Zuko and one of the highest-ranking members of the White Lotus.

1 Berserk's Griffith Gains The Power Of A God

griffith berserk

Griffith is a great commander of the battlefield when he and Guts are in their prime. After he commits a crime, however, Griffith is tortured and broken. From then on, he's a completely different person. Griffith knows how to win a fight and get what he wants, and he even gets ultimate power as Femto.

Despite any good he does, many would also say Griffith is a bad general since he sacrifices his soldiers to obtain his power. However, Griffith would say the ends justify the means, and that he did technically save the Midlands.

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