10 Anime Villains Who Have More Friends Than Enemies

Anime villains stop at nothing to achieve their selfish goals and defeat the opposing protagonists. While some anime villains prefer working alone, other villains excel at recruiting followers to their cause. Through manipulation, displays of strength, and other cunning methods, villains build loyalty in their followers and increase their influence.

The most charismatic of anime villains boast enough devoted underlings to overwhelm the heroes and their allies. The countless followers at their disposal force protagonists to fight at every turn of the journey. Anime villains always have enemies who threaten their plans, yet truly cunning villains have an army to challenge them.

10 DIO Has An Army of Stand Users (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

DIO and The World could stop time

Although DIO is one of JoJo's most notorious protagonists, his charisma enables him to recruit many people and Stand users to his side. DIO also uses flesh buds to manipulate Stand users like Kakyoin into doing his bidding. His loyal Stand user army outnumbers the Stardust Crusaders who pursue him.

When Dio Brando gains the Stone Mask's power in Phantom Blood, his legion of zombies and converted vampires exceed Jonathan's small group of allies. DIO knows how to amass followers by preying on fear and the desire for power. He inspires awe in his followers that holds their loyalty.

9 Meruem Commands Over A Species (Hunter X Hunter)

Meruem Thinks To Himself In Hunter X Hunter

Meruem commands over an entire species as king of the Chimera Ants. Though many Chimera Ants leave to start their own kingdoms, Meruem's Royal Guard and his remaining Squadron Leaders already outnumber the Chimera Ant Extermination team. Meruem gains additional support from East Gorteau's corrupt political leaders.

Meruem's power convinces others to join him out of fear or to attain a sense of purpose. The forces at his disposal make the Chimera Ant Extermination Team's efforts to eliminate Meruem near impossible. He uses the loyalty of his soldiers to more quickly advance his initial goal of taking on humanity.

8 All For One Ruled The Underworld (My Hero Academia)

All For One gestures to himself

All For One amassed enough followers to achieve considerable influence over Japan at the height of his power. His charisma and manipulative nature lure people to his cause with false promises of acceptance and support. All For One has more forces under his command than Pro Heroes can entirely manage.

All For One even has allies who hide among Pro Heroes themselves, such as the doctor Kyudai Garaki. Pro Heroes and the students of U.A. continue to encounter All For One's forces after his apparent defeat. He continues to influence events during his imprisonment by acting through his allies.

7 Muzan Kibutsuji Reigns Over Demons (Demon Slayer)

Muzan Kibutsuji, the Original Demon and Demon King in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Muzan Kibutsuji commands a personal demon army as the king and first of the demons. He not only rules over the Twelve Kizuki but also lesser demons who seek to gain his favor. Although the Demon Slayer Corps has hundreds of members, countless demons under Muzan continuously challenge them.

Muzan's ability to turn people into demons allows him to replenish and strengthen the ranks of his army as he sees fit. Both Muzan himself and his army take responsibility for killing many skilled Demon Slayers like Rengoku. The strength of the strongest demons under his command makes Muzan difficult to get close to.

6 Toichiro Suzuki Leads An Organization (Mob Psycho 100)

Toichiro Suzuki commands thousands of espers as the leader of the Claw organization. Although Toichiro cares little for others, he persuades other espers to join him by displaying his power and faking empathy. The Claw's membership exceeds that of Mob and the allies that he befriends.

Toichiro holds high control over how Claw functions, though his selfish need for power leads his allies to betray him. Despite this, Toichiro benefits from his follower's talents during his time as a leader. His organization's experiments to turn regular citizens into espers provide an additional force for him to send against his enemies.

5 Satsuki Kiryuin Controls Honnoji Academy (Kill La Kill)

satsuki yelling kill la kill

Satsuki Kiryuin rules over the students of Honnoji Academy as the student council president during her time as a villain. Satsuki keeps strict control over the other students and uses exceptional force when necessary. Her power leads many students to admire and respect her authority.

Satsuki benefits from the additional support of the Elite Four members who help enforce the academy's rules. Her status grants her an advantage over protagonists like Ryuku who often fight alone. Satsuki cares for her followers in ways that earn their loyalty despite her harsh nature in public.

4 Johan Liebert Manipulates His Allies (Monster)

Johan Liebert's extremely manipulative nature allows him to get nearly anyone to do what he wants. Johan turns his victims into temporary allies who commit violent acts on his behalf without realizing his true intentions. His false persona of politeness leads those he meets to admire his talents, as seen when he gains Schuwald's trust.

Johan cleverly convinces his enemies to inadvertently help him, such as when he convinces the investigator Richard to surrender to guilt. Though Johan only befriends other people for personal gain, he hides the fact well enough to earn misplaced loyalty from his victims.

3 Junko Enoshima Manipulates People Through Despair (Danganronpa: The Animation)

Junko Strikes A Pose

Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa: The Animation gathers other people to her cause by driving them to despair. Junko robs her victims of hope and pushes them to kill out of desperation. Although she makes enemies out of the trapped students, Junko's outside allies allow her to run the killing game without interference.

Junko has Monokuma's assistance and the school's technologies to prevent the ultimate students from fighting back. Her charisma enables her to exploit other people's weaknesses and earn their cooperation, as seen when she recruits Sakura as a spy. Junko's social connections exceed what the game's participants have access to.

2 Esdeath Commands A Loyal Army (Akame Ga Kill!)

esdeath, soldiers, Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill! holds considerable influence as a general of the Empire. Her characteristic lack of empathy drives her to allow her forces to deal with rebels as they please, which earns their loyalty and admiration in battle. Esdeath's charisma and the unexpected care she shows for allies offsets her willingness to endanger her soldiers for victory.

Although Esdeath frequently engages with the Empire's enemies, her soldiers hold a notorious reputation for leaving devastation in their wake. Esdeath has the army and the ruthlessness to pose a threat to anyone who challenges the Empire.

1 Char Aznable Is A Respected War Hero (Gundam)

char aznable

Char Aznable from Gundam earns the reverence of countless followers due to his accomplishments as a mobile suit pilot. Char's charisma and passion as a pilot make him an effective leader who other pilots trust. His nearly unmatched speed in battle increases his impressive reputation among allies and enemies alike.

Char's ability to hide his vengeful motivations enables him to befriend his enemies behind their backs, as seen when he gains Garma Zabi's trust. He cleverly uses his legendary status to manipulate anyone who suits his goals. Char finds ways to benefit from the popularity he gains from his career.

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