10 Anime Relationships That Won’t Last

While many anime couples seem to be perfect for each other, there are some that aren't as ideal. Some anime characters undoubtedly struggle with establishing lasting romantic relationships. This isn't to say that their relationships are toxic, but that they lack a sturdy foundation.

While the anime itself may not reach the point where these struggling couples part ways, it's hard to imagine that they'll stay together forever. There are too many problems in certain anime relationships and fans can expect that at least one of the two will walk away eventually.

10 Altered Timelines Aren't The Only Thing Wrong With Draken & Emma (Tokyo Revengers)

Draken and Emma from Tokyo Revengers

There are many timeline alterations throughout Tokyo Revengers, and each one produces different results. Emma is first introduced after Takemichi goes back in time and wakes up with a half-dressed Emma on top of him.

Emma is just trying to make Draken jealous, but her actions are a little extreme. While Draken and Emma have cute moments together, the life Draken leads is dangerous and anything can happen. The only way Emma can be safe is if they're not together.

9 Immortality Will Come Between Yato & Hiyori (Noragami)

hiyori and yato

Noragami follows Yato, a former god of calamity, as he tries to get his own shrine. Most humans don't notice him, but Hiyori pushed him out of the way of an oncoming bus — an action that triggered her power of astral projection.

The question of how their budding relationship will work long-term looms over the series as they grow more fond of each other. Yato's immortality is the biggest issue between them. Eventually, Hiyori will physically age and Yato, having lived over 1,000 years already, will physically stay the same.

8 Baki & Kozue's Relationship Fell Off After The Love Triangle (Baki)

baki and kozue

Baki and Kozue start off Baki as a cute couple that loves each other. Unfortunately for Kozue, a rift forms between them through no fault of her own. As Mohammad Alai Jr. takes an interest in Kozue, Baki doesn't seem to care at all.

Baki thinks that there is no way that Kozue would think about another man romantically. He's much more infatuated with his passion for fighting and surpassing his father's strength, leaving Kozue feeling unappreciated. His ego, arrogance, and need to become stronger will destroy the relationship he has with his childhood crush.

7 Tatsuhiro & Misaki's Relationship Is Under Contract (Welcome To The N.H.K.)

Tatsuhiro and Misaki from Welcome to the NHK

Misaki works hard to build up Tatsuhiro and prepare him for everyday life. Throughout this process, they both develop feelings for each other, and it seems like things could go well for them. Unfortunately, the foundation of their relationship doesn't seem too sturdy.

Tatsuhiro confesses his love for Misaki just as she was about to take her own life. His confession isn't natural and this is probably not the way he wanted to admit his feeling for her. They end up making a contract that basically binds their lives together. After Tatsuhiro's rejection of a previous contract, the rush into this one might be a little too fast for them.

6 Emotional Issues Or Inexperience May Come Between Shinichi & Satomi (Parasyte: The Maxim)

Shinichi's character development and his relationship with Satori in Parasyte: The Maxim is amazing. However, at one point he became emotionless after his parasite, Migi, had to fuse its own cells with Shinichi's.

Shinichi's lack of emotions challenged their relationship and made her question who she thought he was. He eventually gets his emotions back, but it's possible that something like this could happen again. Shinichi and Satomi are also young and haven't experienced much yet, and Satomi is still in the dark about Migi.

5 Inexperience Will Tear Yamada & Takashi Apart (Yamada's First Time: B-gata H-kei)

Yamada and Takashi from Yamada's First Time: B-gata H-kei

Yamada entered high school with the sole purpose of starting as many relationships with guys as she could — 100, to be exact. The first person she goes after is Takashi. As their relationship matures, they actually become a likable couple.

Despite Yamada's goal, she ends up continuing her exclusive relationship with Takashi. However, Yamada and Takashi are only 15 years old. They both have a lot more life to live and experiences to go through before they will be absolutely ready for a long-term commitment.

4 The Relationship Between Subaru & Emilia Seems Unhealthy (Re: Zero)

Subaru fell in love with Emilia almost immediately after meeting her at the beginning of Re: Zero. From then on, he has done everything he could do to look good in front of her. Doing this over and over again made it clear that he cares more about himself than he does about what Emilia is asking from him.

Subaru is very self-centered. Even after he has a whole episode of self-reflection, he continues to put what he thinks Emilia's needs are over what her actual needs are or what she tells him she needs. This pattern doesn't seem like it will end soon, and very well could spell disaster for the couple in the end.

3 Sasuke Rarely Visits Sakura (Boruto: Next Generations)

Sasuke catches Sakura

While this particular Boruto: Next Generations relationship was inevitable, Sasuke is usually away from the village, leaving Sakura to raise their daughter by herself. He rarely comes by to visit and hasn't been an active part of the family.

Sasuke and Sakura are not likely to last the way they are, whether it be due to Sasuke losing his life on his journeys or the two simply growing apart. Although Sasuke isn't around much to show it, their mutual love for Sarada could potentially bring them together.

2 Yuno's Obsession With Yukiteru Will Destroy Them Both (Future Diary)

Yuno Protects Yuki In Future Diary

Future Diary is a death game series where people are granted a unique diary that gives them special abilities. Yukiteru has a diary that lets him see into the future, but Yuno's diary tells her about Yukiteru every ten minutes. She obtained this diary through her overwhelming obsession with him.

Yuno goes to the extreme just to keep Yukiteru from everyone else, even if the other person means no harm. She wants him all to herself and she's willing to do anything to make that happen. Yukiteru has felt trapped multiple times while they were together but always seems to find his way back to her, but it's unlikely that she'll keep him forever.

1 Rei & Enji Didn't Marry For Love (My Hero Academia)

todoroki walking past endeavor my hero

There are many unimpressive Quirks in My Hero Academia, so it makes sense for people with strong Quirks to make children that have even stronger Quirks. This is exactly why Enji, also known as Endeavor, and Rei were married. All they wanted was children who would become capable heroes.

But not only did Enji fail to treat Rei lovingly, but he also mistreated her to the point that she saw Enji in Todoroki and ended up permanently scarring him with boiling water. Enji treated her so badly that she developed a mental illness and harmed her own child. They shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.

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