Zack Zoya Proves To Be a New Burgeoning R&B Star

Never have the streets of Quebec looked so mysterious as in Zach Zoya’s latest visual for his first single “Superficial” where Zoya is desperately wandering the evening’s deserted city streets, creating a mood of blue solitude.
  Signed with 7iem Ciel Records, Zoya debuted his new music video for his acclaimed single “Superficial” before closing out 2017 and the release seems to be getting the most enthusiastic reaction from the crowd, garnering a bit of anticipation to it. 2018 should prove to be a big year for Montreal-based artist Zach Zoya, with new music on the way, and hopefully, more tour dates to go along with it.
  His songs are available now on your streaming service of choice — take a listen below.