[Whispers] Cardi B Is the ASMRtist We Deserve

[Deep breath] [leans into mic] [smacks lips] [whispers] ASMR superfan Cardi B has created her very personal ASMR video, hereby placing all different ASMRtists out of enterprise. [Whispers] If you've but to expertise the tingles — extra scientifically generally known as autonomous sensory meridian response — sit again, calm down, and permit Cardi to be your set off. [Whispers] Experience her emit the softest okurrr! ever uttered on document. [Whispers] Behold her nuzzle up towards a rug, mess around with youngsters’s toys, and violate the hell out of these microphones. [Whispers] You’ll have by no means felt extra alive but additionally so so so so sleepy on the identical time. [zzZzz]