Weezer’s ‘Africa’ Video Stars Weird Al As Rivers Cuomo in ‘Sweater Song’ Remake

Look what 2018 hath wrought: Weird Al parodying Weezer parodying themselves parodying Toto. In some type of inane musical inception, Weezer have launched the video for his or her cowl of Toto’s “Africa” (a factor one fan really requested for, to which they delivered) and it stars Weird Al Yankovic as Rivers Cuomo. Correction! Weird Al Yankovic starring as Rivers Cuomo in Weezer’s “Sweater Song” video, in a shot-for-shot re-creation. Against that very same blue display screen, in that very same ridiculous titular sweater getup and preppy haircut. All of it. It’s 1982 meets 1994 meets 2018, and I don’t learn about you, however we’re dizzy. Weird Al, in fact, does an accordion solo, which he additionally did when he joined Weezer in L.A. in August to carry out this similar cowl. Toto have additionally clearly made their very own Weezer cowl of “Hash Pipe,” and if their video isn’t a remake of the “Africa” video starring Weird Al as Joseph Williams enjoying “Hash Pipe,” ship it again!