Watch this poignant orchestral cover of Flume and Beck's 'Tiny Cities'

‘s 2016 sophomore studio LP, was unanimously hailed as a triumph that not only built on his self-titled debut album from four years prior, but cemented the young Australian producer’s reputation as one the brightest music makers in the world right now. The project brought in firepower from the likes , , , and , all complementing Flume’s amorphous, fluid creations, and ultimately snagged the in 2017. However, all the ensuing remixes, reworks, and covers that were inspired from Skin, the Chamber Orchestra at Westridge School in Pasadena, California’s rendition “Tiny Cities” stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Covering all the original’s complex intricacies, the orchestra delves into the song’s bold strings, precise piano notes, and fleeting percussive accents. Even without Beck’s syncopated delivery and vocoded topline, this acoustic version “Tiny Cities” is a justified homage to one Flume’s top masterworks.


Watch this poignant orchestral cover  Flume and Beck's 'Tiny Cities'