Watch Marshmello Absolutely Crush The First Stage Of American Ninja Warrior

Marshmello is good a lot of things. Music production, Fortnite, irrationally making country music satirists anger. You name it, Marshmello can see it through. He is without a doubt a unique individual. That being said, I was absolutely shook to see Marshmello flex all over the American Ninja Warrior first stage, without even as much as a hesitation.

Marshmello finessed his way through the course with all most no effort. The crowd and announcers have as hard of a time believing it as the millions watching from their homes. The announcers even find a few chances to work in some puns – “Marshmello is really having a Joytime out there”.

Okay, obviously it could be absolutely anyone underneath the mask, including a seasoned Ninja Warrior contestant, but don't be a buzzkill – imagine that's actually the man himself completely wrecking the course.

Marshmello On American Ninja Warrior