Volac releases 'Russian Style' EP on Night Bass

Russian G house duo  has released a two-song EP titled, Russian Style on Night Bass. Featuring rich undertones, edgy beats, and intriguing vocal samples, Russian Style showcases Volac’s invigorating artistry. The two producers flaunt a unique production technique that has amassed widespread support amongst house music’s heavy hitters, including and .

The eponymous first track on the EP is a captivating mix ominous bass and intricate percussion. With eerie, distorted vocal samples, layered on top energetic rhythmic patterns “Russian Style” will entrance listeners with its unearthly sound.

“Faith in You” shows a different dimension the duo, as dark melodic vibrations are contrasted by vivid riffs guitar. The piece is tied together by striking vocals and moving, prominent kicks.

With the release their EP, Russian Style, Volac gives listeners a taste what to come in the new year.