These Nike Air Max 97 'Jesus shoes' contain holy water and are selling for an unholy price

A pair $3000 trainers containing actual holy water sold out within minutes being released online on Tuesday October 8.

Brooklyn-based creatives MSCHF re-designed a pair Nike Air Max 97 to implement the idea walking on water.

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Their ‘Jesus Shoes’ contain holy water from the Jordan river in the bubbled soles, a steel crucifix on top the laces the right trainer and a red blob at the tip each trainer tongue to signify the blood Christ.

The biblical verse ‘Matthew 14:25’ which accounts the act Jesus walking on water is also referenced on the side the shoe.

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Head commerce at MSCHF, Daniel Greenberg said: “We wanted to make a statement about how absurd collab culture has gotten.”

MSCHF have stated on their website that new creations will come every second and fourth Tuesday the month.

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