Tee Grizzley Stars in Animated Show ‘Mr. Grizzley’s Magic Wraith'

 gets animated. Earlier this week, WeBuyGold, the folks responsible for producing a hilarious , unveiled Mr. Grizzley’s Magic Wraith, a vibrant new TV series focusing on an animated version Grizzley. The rapper lives up to his name by playing a bear who happens to be a school teacher in the jungle. Move over Magic School Bus.

"When I saw my homie, 21 Savage do the series, I thought it was dope," Grizzley says how he got on board with the new show. "So when WeBuyGold reached out I was excited to work with them."

Beginning with a bouncy, piano-laced instrumental, the first episode the series begins with Tee entering a raucous classroom filled with giraffes, a couple monkeys and a bully rhino. After using a ferocious growl to get the attention his students, Tee materializes a Wraith and takes the students on a field trip. Looks pretty dope.

You can watch Mr. Grizzley’s Magic Wraith on WeBuyGold's Instagram, where it will run for six weeks, with a new episode being posted every Wednesday.

Recently, Tee stopped by the fice to discuss his plans for the future, which include a tour with Jeezy. He's looking forward to the experience.

"By him being successful for so long, you for sure look to learn something from him," Tee told XXL at the time. "He definitely give you some game. He just reached out to me, like, 'I got a connection to Detroit. You going crazy right now, let's work, let's get it.' I grew up listening to him, my peoples used to listen to him, ride around trapping to him. So I was like, 'I'ma fuck with Jeezy.'"

Jeezy's Cold Summer tour, which Tee Grizzley joins, begins at the end February. Watch the first episode Mr. Grizzley's Magic Wraith for yourself below.