Skillz Slams Celebs, Mumble Rap and Trump With His '2017 Rap Up'

As per usual, Skillz delivered another entertaining yearly rap-up song -- this time for the crazy year 2017.

Over 50 Cent’s “Big Rich Town” beat (aka Power’s theme song), the Virgina lyricist recapped some the highs and lows 2017.

Among the topics Skillz discussed include Donald Trump’s presidency, Beyoncé’s birth her twins, Cardi B’s rise, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s break up, Get Out’s cultural impact, Usher's herpes scandal, LaVar Ball’s media takeover, Kevin Hart’s infidelity, mumble rap, the #metoo movement, Black Thought’s epic 10-minute freestyle and more.

“I never seen a year like this year, so many twists and turns, a whole lot losers, we all lived and learned,” raps Skillz at the beginning the song.

Later in the track, Skillz evaluate about the state hip-hop, spitting, "Some y'all should sit down and just be humble, music had a little rap and a whole lot mumble."

Elsewhere, Skillz slammed Donald Trump and the NFL while big-upping Colin Kaepernick for his courage all in the same verse.

"Sean Spicer took an L / And then Trump started beefin' with the NFL (he tweeting!) / I'm with Kaep, I got chu / Because you stood up bro and didn't let them stop you," he raps, adding, "The other players, I got to dock you / Y'all could have done something special but y'all chose not to."

Usher in 2018 with Skillz's fantastic "Rap Up 2017" glow up!

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