Showtek & Moby – Natural Blues – Dancing Astronaut

After a rather tepid 2017, Dutch electro house group have seemingly hit the ground running in 2018, reinventing celebrated veteran musician for what essentially seems like a rework “Natural Blues.”

The synths and mellowed house-inspired style seem to be majorly Showtek’s handiwork, as the duo seem to be moving onto yet another new sound over the past couple years. Moby’s influence over the track is a lot more subtle, as the seasoned artist’s work can be majorly heard in the background, especially with the st, string-plucked chord progressions. In fact, their style plays such an instrumental role in defining the identity this ‘new’ track, that it could almost be labelled as a Showtek remix.

This revamped, modern style has given “Natural Blues” a ton character and makes it a track with certain danceability.




Showtek & Moby - Natural Blues - Dancing Astronaut