Rita Moreno Will ‘PEGOT’ with her New Peabody Award

Clearly the Peabody Awards are One Day at a Time fans. First the show was nominated for a Peabody in 2017, and now Rita Moreno is getting that thinking man’s award shine. Moreno will add a P to her EGOT by winning a Peabody Career Achievement Award May 18. She has won two Emmys (one for a guest appearance on The Rockford Files), a Grammy for the Electric Company Album, an Oscar for West Side Story, and a Tony for The Ritz. Now she will win a Peabody for just being amazing for decades. “Rita Moreno is a unique talent who has not only broken barriers, but whose career continues to thrive six-plus decades after her acting debut,” said Jeffrey P. Jones, executive director of Peabody in a statement. “We are delighted to celebrate her many contributions to entertainment and media, as well as her passion for children’s programming and important social issues.” Nominees for the regular ol’ Peabody Awards will be announced April 9.