Oliver releases LP, 'Inner Circle: Remixes and Rarities'

Los Angeles-based producer duo  has released an innovative LP titled Inner Circle: Remixes and Rarities. Saturated with their unique funked-out style, Oliver captures a distinct vintage sound infused with contemporary electronic elements. The LP includes four new tracks, as well as three remixes from their studio album, , which dropped last September. Each new track on the LP showcases another side the duo’s groovy approach to their work.

Filled with beautiful harmonic progression, the first original, “Big City,” flaunts a combination melodies intertwined together to create a stunning contrast between bass guitar progressions and electrifying piano chords, all tied together by waves otherworldly synths.

Their second piece, “Endless Conversation,” featuring Johnnie Newman, features uplifting vocals on top dynamic bursts percussion. The unwavering bass line is complemented by syncopated beats and an intriguing melody.

“Charisma,”the third original, is more downtempo than the other tracks and incorporates several layers glowing synths with steady undertones. Jamie Lidell’s colorful vocals add an alluring dimension to the work, creating a sensual vibe with inviting lyrics and an irresistible beat.

In their last original, “Bygones,” Oliver flexes their signature sound, producing a hard-hitting melody layered over waves unrelenting bass. In line with the style that has made the duo renowned, Oliver places a soothing interlude minimalist sound in the middle the piece, but then amps up the energy with a riveting build that leads into an intricate climax.

With their first release 2018, Oliver once again flaunts their flawless production skill, elaborate technique, and mastery combining vintage sounds with a style their own in Inner Circle: Remixes and Rarities.