NMF Roundup: Robotaki enlists Nevve on electropop anthem, Mercer satisfies with Spinnin' release, Fatboy Slim gets a Carmada remix – Dancing Astronaut

The most important day every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession new music from some electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

& Tab have been on a self-proclaimed “meaningful musical journey together” for the past two years in preparation for their third studio album, Reformation Part 1, out Feb. 23. Today, the Finish trance duo share an uplifting, ethereal tune featuring Envy Monroe as the fourth single f the album.

After an exciting journey opening for and ‘s Shelter Live tour, shows f his playful side in a chill, synth-laden electro-pop track, “Together We’re Screwed.” The producer enlists the warm vocals   on this charming, catchy jaunt.

Two powerhouse producers have teamed up for their first release 2018. Out now on ‘s Dharma Worldwide, “Here With You” is a high-octane jam that is sure to have big-room enthusiasts jumping up and down on the dance floor.

Parisian producer taps Ron Carroll’s satisfying vocals out now on .

takes on emerging Swedish singer/songwriter Clara Mae’s debut acoustic pop track, released last month on Big Beat Records. The Aussie-born producer turns the track into a high-energy electro-pop anthem perfectly suited for the dance floor.

Vancouver-based duo The Funk Hunters enlist dance/R&B group for “Turn Down The Silence,” the third single f their upcoming album Typecast. Showcasing versatility, the duo’s signature funky sound ventures into the realms pop music, while DiRTY RADiO deliver a standout vocal performance.

‘s first single f his forthcoming EP, The Dead, comes as a hard-hitting dubstep production with and DJ Paul from Three Six Mafia. Moshers: proceed with caution to the middle the dance floor.

How do you say no to the legendary ? You don’t. At the English tastemaker’s request, Aussie electronic duo  gives his 1998 classic “Right Here, Right Now” an edgy modern tune-up. The remix is set to appear on Fatboy Slim’s forthcoming remix EP, Fatboy Slim VS Australia.

To celebrate the 35th anniversary Nena’s “99 Red Balloons,” emerging Nordic talents  and have reimagined the iconic party starter as a future house composition.

teams up with for a lighthearted house track, “Here With You.”

Brussels-based producer Stephen Fasano is known for his illusory compositions as . His newest release combines elements nu-disco into hip-hop for an exuberant house track.

has emerged within dance music as the protagonist a fresh new sound with a more sensitive quality. This courageous brand soul house shines in his newest single, which is meant to not only get bodies moving on the dance floor, but also touch to the heart. 

 proves himself the master breaks once again in his newest release on . With an eclectic mix musical influences, Born Dirty constructs his signature hybrid sound resting on a solid backbone hip-hop, house and techno. “Crazy” is a must-listen tune.

Electro-pop duo Sundial have released their first single 2018, “Who Cares,” which is out now on .