NMF Roundup: Fox Stevenson drops funky original, Manilla Killa teams up with Nevve, and more

The most important day every week: New Music Friday. As each week brings a succession new music from some electronic music’s biggest artists, here’s a selection tracks that shouldn’t be missed.

‘s long-awaited Metanoia debut brings forth a playful set big room bounce sounds to the table on “Bulgogi.”

& amalgamate future bass overtones with heady dub inspired bass lines on their newest track “White Magic.”

steps outside the constructs and ‘s original production in favor an atmospheric, vocally grounded future bass ballad.

Shallou’s newest sees the tropical house producer synthesize his bubbly synth tones with Riah’s infectious vocals.

As tech house continues to break into mainstream western dance culture, is placing himself on the forefront the genre with his biting new track, “Drum Machine.”

‘s new track, “All Yours,” uses a heightened platform to showcase saccharine deep house-influenced melodies and a soulful vocal line from PowerDress.

‘s distorted vocals serve as ear candy for a patterned drum breakdown on ‘s newest track “Everyday, Everyday.”

‘s emotive ballad “Fade All My Life” is an emotive step into teenage angst through the lens mainstream electronic music, the result is likely to save a few teenagers from sleepless, thought-racing nights.

Budakid continues to magnify his presence through the release the progressive masterpiece, “Memories.”

‘s rework  Jackob Roenald’s “Shades” is further pro that the tech trance producer is ready to elevate himself further into the worldwide dance music sphere.

has finally released an original that he’s been playing out for nearly a year, “Walk Away.”