Nipsey Hussle Tries to Break Up Fight at His Clothing Store

. Rapper, businessman, inspirational speaker and now, peacemaker. The rapper took on that latter role during a screening the video for a song f his . Nipsey ended up having to break up a fight—or, at least trying to.

According to , the party, which took place at Nipsey's Los Angeles-based Marathon clothing store earlier this week, saw a fairly massive scuffle break out inside the store, before spilling outside it. From what we can see, there are two men duking it out. Nip doesn't look too pressed, but he does help push a man away from the melee.

Nipsey's currently gearing up to release Victory Lap, which will be the first project he released under his  A couple weeks ago, Nip about the expanding world cryptocurrency and his debut LP.

Speaking on the project, Nip said it'd include a few artists he really admires. "I got three the rappers I respect the most on the album," he told XXL. "Its other songwriters and R&B singers that I collabed with, but I shared verses with three artists."

He continued, "Each one gave me something classic. I know people throw that word around real frivolous, but I feel like everybody stepped up to the occasion and gave me an A-level verse. I'm excited about it. I feel like if you love hip-hop, this is a tribute to the legacy rap music. Dope beats, dope lyrics, real stories—underdog came from nothing. Did it his way. This album is the brand what we represent."

Watch the fight at Nipsey Hussle's clothing store in the video below. See photos from the event in Nipsey's Instagram post beneath that.