Marlon Wayans Is Overexposed in ‘Naked’ Trailer With Regina Hall

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Most people have seen or imagined their wedding day but few (if any) have re-lived the day, over and over again, butt-ass-naked.

Enter the world Naked where Marlon Wayans plays a confused groom who keeps waking up in an elevator in his birthday suit. The same situation repeats day after day, much like the old classic Groundhog Day.

The film also stars Regina Hall who is fresh f the heels a successful blockbuster, Girls Trip. She plays the role Megan Swope who is the blushing bride Rob Anderson (Wayans) and is convinced that her fiancé, though late and naked, will jump the broom.  The night before the wedding, Rob and his best man go out to party but something goes completely awry.  The next day, Rob wakes up in an elevator with no idea how he got there or why he’s Naked.  However, there’s no time to find out how he got there, he’s already late for his own wedding and must get their quick or possibly lose the love his life.

The shenanigans ensue as Rob streaks through the city, runs from police, meets a deadly motorcycle gang, and fist fights in all out brawls only to find himself waking up in the elevator over and over again.  A clear element deus ex machina has taken over Rob’s wedding day, causing him to live this hour repeatedly until he becomes the man that Megan deserves to  marry.

Directed by Mike Tiddes, the Netflix film also features cast members Loretta Devine, Dennis Haysbert, and Brian McKnight.  The film is a remake the Swedish film Naken (2000).

Naked premieres on Netflix Friday, August 11, 2017.


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