Luca Chesney’s “Mother Electric” is a dream come true

Luca Chesney dreams in overdrive. On new album "Mother Electric," now streaming everywhere, each song casts a powerful mood and draws us deep into the musician’s memory.
What for us might be a barely-remembered fragment becomes for the NYC-based artist a powerful mosaic of conscious and unconscious desire. The product is an ambitious and haunting work that pushes the spiritual dimensions of pop and electronic music.
Although the album is high-concept, drawing on themes of psychic individuation and cycles of life, it’s packaged in a light way that’s accessible to wider audiences. At once, Luca delivers a much needed trap update of pop-classic "Forever Young," and follows it with "New Emotion," which brings the album to an emotional climax. When Luca intones "Where you are is where I’ll be," over her own recorded chanting, the listener feels transported to the holiest space the musician can conjure: the landscape of her mind. "Mother Electric" might be the most beatific pop album you’ll hear this year.
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