Kanye Reveals Drop Date for Yandhi, His Rumored Sequel/Companion to Yeezus

News broke on Monday that the busiest man in the music industry Kanye West will be kicking off this season of Saturday Night Live as the musical guest during the show’s September 29 premiere. In case you were wondering what exactly Kanye will be playing during his set, you can probably put your money on music from his newly announced project Yandhi, now set to drop on that exact same Saturday.

West posted an image of the album Monday night, rumored to be a sequel, or follow-up of sorts, to his 2013 album Yeezus. You probably would have figured out that connection on your own if we let you analyze that title for a few more seconds, but there isn’t time! Kanye is a busy man!

Meanwhile, Chance the Rapper posted video officially revealing the name of his previously-announced, totally separate collaboration with West, hereby known as Good Ass Job, while the pair were at Chance’s Open Mike event in Chicago. You thought Yeezy’s spring and summer were packed. You cannot imagine how busy his next week and a half is about to be.