Julian Casablancas releases new Voidz track

Former frontman the early augthts rock ’n’ roll institution The Strokes,  formed The Voidz, previously known as Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, in 2013. Dance music fans might recognize Casablancas from his appearance on ‘s Random Access Memories cut  “Instant Crush,” one the standouts from the duo’s incredible LP.

As The Strokes’ work together began to fizzle throughout the later 2000’s, Casablancas channeled a more progressive sound in his work with The Voidz.

“Leave It In My Dreams” is The Voidz’ latest tune and it’s modestly reminiscent The Strokes’ early 2011 track “Someday.”

The Voidz have  their second album, a follow-up to their 2014 debut, Tyranny, is due out this year RCA and Casablancas’ own label, Cult Records.

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