House Veteran High Fidelity Drops Another Album “The Aftermath”

Prolific artist High Fidelity announces a new 12-tracked album, called “The Aftermath,” which is his fourth album thus far. 

The album embodies High Fidelity’s approach to life as he looks for inspirations in his gritty native city, New York. As a totally independent artist, life as a musician is very different to his peers, as High Fidelity writes his own music from scratch! He produces, records, arranges, composes and mixes it all together, offering a true independent experience for his listeners. 

When listening to “The Aftermath,” fans will have a unique experience with each song, because of the album’s diversity of genres, tunes and melodic rhythms. High Fidelity experiments with different emotion evoking tunes throughout the album, which makes it difficult to categorize it under one umbrella. 

The New York-based DJ adds a griminess value to his techno music, elevating the genre and adding a fresh and much needed grittiness to the genre. “The Aftermath” by High Fidelity, now available to purchase and stream. 

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