Harry Styles Releases Another Summery Single in Winter

As if to taunt those of us trudging through snow and freezing in puffy parkas, Harry Styles has dropped yet another sunny, bright, summer song, replete with references to “strawberry lipstick,” “a rainbow paradise,” and “summer skies.” “Adore You” is Styles’ third single off of his second album, Fine Line. His second single, “Watermelon Sugar,” also made mention of “strawberries on a summer evening,” so it seems that strawberry lipstick has officially replaced cherry chapstick as the pop music lip product of choice. Styles also references “lemon over ice” in the song, and between all of the references to lemons and watermelons and strawberries, it’s clear that Styles is fulfilling his USDA food pyramid requirements. The music video for “Adore You” is fish-themed and gloomy, according to the teaser, so it’s unclear where all of this fruit factors into things, but we will all find out together when the video premieres Friday morning. Until then, you can listen to the single above.