Hardwell and Quintino team up to produce, 'Woest'

and have each carved a deep niche in big room since the subgenre’s rise during the EDM boom. Now, they have teamed up to create an intensely energetic collaboration titled, “Woest.” However, this isn’t the first time these two power houses have worked together. With their hit original, “Baldadig,” as well as their remix ‘s “Mi Gente,” they have a long history together as an invigorating producing duo.

“Woest” is yet  another testament to both Hardwell and Quintino’s big room technique. Featuring prominent beats, colorful yet unpredictable melodies, and intriguing builds distorted vocals, it comes as no surprise that the record is bound to dominate dance floors with a signature sound that Hardwell and Quintino have helped make famous. “Woest” is the first release the year for both these artists, and without a doubt will have fans hooked upon first listen.