GTA announces '3 Night Stand' tour

Production duo  has announced an exciting, genre-bending initiative with their innovative “3 Night Stand” tour. The event will see them perform a series three nights in a row at five locations across the country throughout February and March.

Each night will be distinguished by a color that will correspond to a certain vibe music that GTA plays in their sets. Yellow represents moombah, club, and world; purple stands for house and techno; and red denotes rap, trap, and bass.

Not only will fans get the opportunity to see unique and specific sets from the duo, the tour dates are packed with exciting and novel opportunities to interface with the producers. Fans will have the opportunities to engage in production tutorials at local music schools, meet and greets at skate shops, join GTA in their infamous karaoke sing alongs to System Down, watch the duo bartend happy hours on campus, and a host other exciting haps that are still up their sleeves.

With the announcement their “3 Night Stand” tour, undoubtedly, GTA will have no shortage exhilarating surprises for fans across the country.