Goldie: "Rave culture is thriving, people want to go to illegal parties"

Goldie has singled out illegal parties as a reason why club culture is healthy right now.

Speaking to London store Goodhood as part its Over the Counter series, the Metalheadz boss covered a bunch topics, from club culture and grime to writing a screenplay.

On club culture, he said: "Rave culture is thriving but on an underground level. People want to go to fucking raves, people want to go to illegal parties. If you can do that put on raves], believe me, they’ll go."

Despite saying club culture meeting festivals is healthy, he hopes nightclubs stay at the forefront. "I’ve seen it go from the fields to the clubs, and back into the fields. I think having regular clubs creates culture. Take that away and it’s gone. We’re not feeling the effect now, but you will in ten years."

Name-checking grime, he added that "there's kind no underground anymore".

Read the full interview on Goodhood.

Photo: Chelone Wolf]

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