Garden City Movement shares glossy new track

Since  signed to the Night Time Stories label, the trio’s taken time to explore and experiment with their sonic imprint. Now, the band has ficially announced that they’ll be venturing into a new territory with the release their debut album Apollonia, out March 16. Garden City Movement’s announcement comes in tandem with a galvanizing avant-garde pop single, “Foreign Affair.”

“Foreign Affair” is an f-kilter marriage psychedelic R&B elements and lyrics that are equally as sultry as they are culturally-tinged. Considering “Foreign Affair’s” mollifying impact, the trio’s unique affair will be much more than foreign in the world distinct pop music .

Apollonia Tracklist:
1. Again
2. Passion Is A Dying Theme
3. Before I Fall
4. Ueno Park
5. Slightly All The Time
6. A Means To An End
7. I Knew Before I Met Her (That One Day I Would Lose Her)
8. Rini
9. Foreign Affair
10. For Tomorrow
11. What If You Can’t Win?
12. Now
13. Bitter Moon
14. Zaïre
15. Mediterranea
16. Apollonia
17. Sans Titre
18. Santal 33