G Herbo Pops Off in New ''Shook'' Video

isn't letting up. Earlier this week, the former unveiled his in-your-face new visual for "Shook," a cut from the forthcoming deluxe edition his album.

The Brian Willette-directed visual for "Shook" is straightforward, much like the track it was created for. It begins with Herbo, who's  later this year, standing in a dark room as he stares into the camera with his lips sealed. The word, "Beast" is written onto the red tape covering his mouth. After that, it's a series close-ups that serve to emphasize the weight his gritty narrative.

"I wasn't rich I had to risk it, try and glit my wrist up/Wasn't for a bitch, it wasn't shit for me to get my dick sucked/I fucked bitches look like Kylie Jenner but they lips way thinner and don't go on dinners/I did my shit so I repent if I was born a sinner/I ball hard and rock faux furs in the winter," Spits Herbo.

"Shook" is the first track from Herbo's new Humble Beast Deluxe Edition. The project features 10 new songs in addition to the ones on the original Humble Beast. The deluxe edition drops on Feb. 9.

Check out the tracklist for Humble Beast Deluxe Edition below. Peep G Herbo's "Shook" video for yourself beneath that.

G Herbo's Humble Beast Deluxe Edition Tracklist:

1. "Sins"
2. "Done 4 Me"
3. "Roll Up"
4. "4 Nem" Feat. Lil Durk
5. "All Day" Feat. Blac Youngsta
6. "Head Right"
7. "Ride"
8. "Have My Way"
9. "Shook"
10. "Everything Rmx (*Bonus)"