Future and Young Thug Drop New Video 'All da Smoke'

Future and Young Thug have released the new video "All da Smoke" from their Super Slimey project, released last October.

The video features kids plotting on how to break free from Briarcliff Group Home in Atlanta. It starts f by showing the various issues the kids face—from fighting to the group home directors stealing money and plotting to keep the kids there so that the checks can continue rolling in.

“I hate this place,” one the kids says. “You know Ms. Shirley and Chester’s fat ass don’t give a f--- about us. They’re making racks f us just living here every f000ing month.”

A couple industrious teens decide enough is enough and develop a plan to break free that includes car jacking a local dope dealer. They wind up at an abandoned auditorium where they meet up with Young Thug and Future who are there, rapping the lyrics to the song.

In addition to dropping the new interesting clip, Future's new video with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, "End Game" is also slated to drop tomorrow. He'll also headline along with Eminem at Bonnaroo this year.

Check out "All da Smoke" above.


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