Fresh Kicks 88: Lugh

On his debut EP, ‘Hélico’, Berlin-based, west of Ireland-born artist Lugh fused atmosphere with aggression, creating an expertise that was without delay absorbing and intense. Layers of wordless, altered vocals, spectral percussive thuds and broad brushstrokes of distorted melody mixed to make a group that was hauntingly dreamlike, however steadfastly strong.

Sonically indebted to innovators like Oneohtrix Point Never, Arca, Aisha Devi, Klein and Pan Daijing, Lugh’s sound comes with a vivid objective; one rooted in our hyperreal or uncanny reactions to sound and stimulus, one that's more and more lively, but additionally more and more automated and missing in “fact”, readability or depth.

As defined within the EP’s corresponding textual content, ‘Hélico’ “strives to go away the listener in need of creating a real connection to the supply of the sound. The final result is a really actual and tangible expertise that's someway misplaced in an uncanny digital area".

When requested to develop on that concept, the intent turns into clearer nonetheless with a look thrown towards capitalism’s cruel grip on our malleable heads, and the artists try to carry highlight above it.

“The sonic world which I am attempting to convey in Hélico is a kind of contradictory emotional state is has turn out to be routine and regular,” he tells DJ Mag. “We are continuously confronted with emotional materials, visible or audio. This is materials which often has vested curiosity, like promoting protein or language faculties, within the least problematic case.

“Our very bodily response to this fixed publicity to emotionally manipulative data is attention-grabbing, we're someway concurrently totally indifferent and totally engaged on the identical time. Fully indifferent as a result of we turn out to be more and more immune, and totally engaged as a result of the methods for gaining our consideration, by their very nature, solely get stronger and extra aggressive.

“The sound which I create is about channelling this state, an immersive state which has misplaced any connection to a personable supply, and has misplaced credibility, resulting from its lack of emotive sincerity. But but it stays emotive and triggering sufficient to maintain us in its grip - resistant and but knowingly capitulating."


As co-founder of artwork and music collective C.A.N.V.A.S and as an artist in his personal proper, Lugh has lots developing within the subsequent few months for us to be getting enthusiastic about.

“I am making new stuff as at all times,” he says. “But additionally placing loads into C.A.N.V.A.S. in the meanwhile, which I co-run with with Olan Monk. We've bought numerous nice issues occurring quickly, which I am actually excited to announce, however I can not give particulars but. We've put out two releases this yr, and there shall be three extra within the subsequent few months. One of those is a compilation file which I am directing, and which incorporates a few of my work, alongside 9 others, which I am actually excited to place out.”

As a part of our Fresh Kicks sequence, Lugh has delivered a fastidiously curated combine that veers from gyroscopic sound design, risky electronics and  EBM to hip-hop, atmosphere and new wave...

“This combine, which I named homecoming, is one I made for somebody's flight from Shanghai to Berlin,” he explains. “Someone who I hadn't seen for 2 months and who I used to be actually excited to see. There are a couple of bits that I've found not too long ago, however a lot of the tracks are ones from the previous few years that I carry on going again to.”

Not solely that, it’s an enthralling moodboard of the varied sounds which have knowledgeable Lugh’s compositional fashion. Check it out and skim our fast Q&A with the artist beneath.

Fresh Kicks 88: Lugh