Floyd Mayweather And Manny Pacquiao Announce Rematch At Ultra Japan

Love him or hate him, even if he cannot read this, Floyd Mayweather is the greatest boxer who has ever lived. The champ who is yet to take an L in the ring is famous for his quick dodges and his quick mouth. While attending Ultra Japan, Floyd let his mouth get the best of him when he ran into Manny Pacquiao.

You may remember the two stepped into the ring a few years ago and gave us one of the best fights boxing has seen in quite some time. In the end, Floyd was victorious but it was the closest he had come to losing in quite some time. During the exchange of words, the two got so heated that they even scheduled a rematch, for only 3 months away this December.

Oliver Heldens ended up with the footage (somehow) and uploaded all of the discussion to his Instagram. During the conversation, you can hear Don Diablo's ‘Momentum' taking off in the background, which seems to only add to the hype. So is this legit? Well, Floyd even took to his socials to confirm it.

Check out the video below.