Fingerprint Scanners On Your Smartphone Screen – The Future Is Here [VIDEO]

As people are still getting adjusted to iPhone X’s Face ID, we’re hearing a new way to unlock devices that may be integrated for generations smartphones to come.

China’s Vivo beat both Apple and Samsung on the new feature, which uses an in-display fingerprint sensor to detect its rightful owner. It sounds more appealing than having eyes on your smartphone, seemingly watching your every move. And, the reporter who had the opportunity to try out the new fingerprint feature first says “it felt uncannily natural.”

The futuristic, built-in technology allows users to easily unlock the device, authenticate payments, and other actions attributed with traditional fingerprint sensors. When compared to other similarly integrated technology, however, the report on the Vivo does mention a slight lag.

Vivo has yet to ficially announce the name the phone with the so-called Clear ID sensor — but you can still check it out below, thanks to !

Vivo’s On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor