Dragon Ball Releases Official Count of Who Has Eaten the Most Senzu Beans

Dragon Ball has released an official tally of who has eaten the most Senzu Beans throughout the series, and some of the answers are surprising.


The new list was compiled and released by the official Dragon Ball Twitter account. According to their count, Goku has eaten 11 Senzu Beans throughout the course of the series, while his Saiyan rival Vegeta has needed their healing powers on six occasions, putting them in second and third place respectively on the new list. While Goku and Vegeta may be the series' most popular and powerful fighters, it appears this time that they've been bested by a human: the character who has eaten the most Senzu Beans is the cowardly swordsman Yajirobe, who has consumed entire sacks full of the revitalizing beans throughout the series.

Piccolo came in fourth place, while Krillin rounded out the top five with 3.5 beans, which includes the half of a Senzu Bean he split with Gohan early on in the series. Cell was the only purely villainous character to make the list, having consumed one bean during his long-battle with the Earth's defenders. The arrogant android tied with Gohan's then-girlfriend and future wife Videl, who has also only eaten one bean throughout the series.

In the series, Senzu Beans are grown by Korin, an 800 year-old cat sage and martial arts master who lives on top of an impossibly tall tower. The beans are able to instantly restore the body of anyone who consumes them to their natural peak, a trait which has made them invaluable to the series' fighters during their constant, lengthy battles. The beans take a tremendous amount of time and care to grow, which is why they are treated like a treasured resource by the most of the series' martial artists, except for Yajirobe of course, who consumes them as though they were everyday snacks.

A Senzu Bean played a key role in the events of Dragon Ball Super's current saga, Granolah the Survivor. Vegeta, in a rare moment of empathy and understanding, gave the team's last bean to his former opponent Granolah, so that the Cerealian warrior could regain his energy and finally get his revenge against the villains who really responsible for the death of his mother. The arc is currently on-going but the manga's editors have teased that it will be completed soon.

Source: Twitter

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