DJ Mustard Pours Out All of His Lean, Says ''It’s Over for Me''

Three days after 's , which was caused by a seizure,  is ficially kicking the cup. He announced as much with a symbolic video he uploaded as his Instagram story.

In the clip, the West Coast DJ can be seen pouring a bottle what's presumably some codeine down the drain. "It's over for me people," he says in the video. "It's over. Fuck this shit—cool. Fuck that, it's over. Kick that muthafuckin' cup."

While Mustard didn't allude to Fredo's death as being the reason for his decision to abandon lean, it doesn't feel like a coincidence. If you remember, Fredo had become well-known for his heavy use the drink, which has been linked to seizures and liver and kidney damage.

Last October, Fredo was hospitalized for Last Friday (Jan. 19), the rapper was found dead in his Los Angeles home after suffering a fatal seizure. He was just 27.

Mustard is just the latest hip-hop luminary to swear f the cup. At the top the year, Sacramento, Calif.-based rapper .

"Any young nigga doing that shit, bruh, you understand me, this should influence you to stop," Mozzy said at the time. "If it don't...nigga drink a lot water at the minimum. They say health is wealth—I need my bag."

Check out the video Mustard pouring his codeine down the sink drain below.