DJ Like Mike launches limited edition tracksuit with Du….


DJ Like Mike’s label GREEN ROOM is launching its first collab with Dutch streetwear label BLACK BANANAS: a limited edition tracksuit. The collab is the culmination of a decade-long friendship between the dj and BLACK BANANAS founder Wesley Balnikker. The tracksuit, which will be accompanied by an unreleased track by Like Mike, will be available exclusively online* starting today, May 20.

The collaboration goes back to the early years of music festival Tomorrowland (BE). While BLACK BANANAS was at the forefront of the Dutch streetwear scene, a friendship between the like-minded creative rebels was born in Antwerp. The love of fashion and music proved to be the breeding ground for a deep bond. Now, twelve years later their first collab is the culmination of that friendship. From the beginning, the friends have been involved in the growing success of BLACK BANANAS and that of Like Mike, who travels the world as a much sought-after DJ. This friendship is now sealed with a first collaboration in which music and fashion come together. 

The lucky few who manage to get their hands on this exclusive tracksuit will be surprised with an unreleased track by Like Mike when they open the gift box. Black Bananas founder Wesley: “The inspiration for this suit comes partly from the world of soccer. The band on the sleeve is inspired by a captain’s tape and symbolizes someone who takes charge.” Like BLACK BANANAS, Like Mike’s record label GREEN ROOM stands for cool, eye-catching designs. Wesley continues: “Dj Like Mike himself is the epitome of an eye-catching and cool person.”

Like Mike: ‘This tracksuit is a perfect fit, I wear it constantly and have performed in it. It’s perfect for many types of occasions. To me, it looks contemporary and combines street fashion with athleisure in an elegant way’.

For the DJ this collab is an opportunity to share not just his music but also his love for fashion. ‘I really like the beautiful quality of BLACK BANANAS and Wesley’s eye for detail’.