Dillon Francis delivers first piece of hotfire from new moombahton album, 'Ven'

The people pled, and  delivered.

The producer has ficially begun to deliver on his with the release its lead single “Ven,” featuring Puerto Rican songwriter Arcangel and Dominican rapper Quimico Ultra Mega.

The album is expected to be chock full culture-blurring collaborations, with Francis actively traveling over the last year to find the most authentic supporting cast possible for his sophomore LP.

In a note to fans accompanying his first release 2018, Francis explains,

Clocking in at the moombah tempo sweet spot, “Ven” drips and drops at 108 beats per minute, roping in heavy hip-hop influences, and carried by sharp hi-hat flurries and sinister Spanish spits from Francis’ Latin co-stars. Last year the “” producer regained creative control his music when he  and we’ve now seen the first fruits Dillon’s labor.