Deadmau5 Fans, Get Ready for… "The Most Epic Thing I've Ever Done With My Music"

Near the end 2017, Deadmau5 was streaming on Twitch – as he ten does – and revealed to his viewers a WIP an that absolutely blew our socks f. Nothing has come it until today, when deadmau5 began teasing something on Twitter, calling it “the most epic thing I’ve ever done with my music.”

A fan asked for any hints on the matter, to which deadmau5 responded, “Sure, maybe one… an actual 60 piece orchestra.” Keeping in mind the “Strobe” orchestral remix from December, a fan asked if it was about that. He cut f any speculation with a succinct, “It’s actually not.”

Will it be something along the lines Pete Tong’s tour with the Heritage Orchestra or Above & Beyond’s acoustic shows? Or could it be more like Nero’s one-f Symphony 2808 with the The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra? Who’s to say now, but the possibilities are endless and exciting.

Hopefully we find out more about this project in 2018 along with the .


Photo BUKU