Cashmere Cat and Diplo Tease Fire New Collaboration

Since Cashmere Cat‘s entry into the electronic scene nearly six years ago, we’ve seen him produce a number solid EPs and most recently his debut album 9. The star-studded album features a wide cast chart-topping superstars like The Weeknd and Selena Gomez, to name a few. 9 undoubtedly places Cashmere Cat’s music beyond a place that’s tailored to “fist-pumping bros” to a larger mainstream audience.

Diplo‘s multitude side projects and his immense star power have made him one the hottest producers to work with at the moment. Cashmere Cat just posted a photo on Instagram revealing details about a new collaboration in the works with Diplo. No word on when ‘Miss You’ will drop, but it’s sure to make waves.