Cardi B Auditions to Narrate Anti-Trump Book 'Fire and Fury'

The last two years or so have seen the world celebrities get more vocal in their opposition to both the powers that be and oppression everywhere. A lot them believe those things are linked by , and a few them took the time to mock the president in a hilarious skit that aired during the  on Sunday night (Jan 28).

In an act seemingly put together by Grammy show host, comedian James Corden, , , and Hillary Clinton took turns auditioning to narrate the famed anti-Trump book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. Their hope was to win a Grammy for spoken word.

For her part, Bardi couldn't help but be amazed by the sort bizarre behavior, and had to stop reading midway through her audition. "I can't believe this. This is how he lives his life?" she said after reading a passage about Trump being in bed with a cheeseburger.

In his part the skit, DJ Khaled reads a passage about Trump saying his shirt being on the floor because he wanted it to be when he was stopped by Corden. Khaled hadn't been doing a bad job narrating, but before the end his bit, he started plugging his We The Best Music label and shouting a few his signature catchphrases. That was a no-go for Corden.

Snoop, with his calm voice and cool demeanor, probably would have been a great choice to narrate the book. Corden wasn't having his performance either, though, and it was on to the next. Snoop's , so this might have been a missed opportunity.

Check out all the hilarious readings for yourself below. Listen to what when you're done with that.