Bicep unveils emotive Glue EP, delves into UK rave nostalgia

The illustrious is fresh f the release a sensational, emotive dance record. In September, the Belfast duo released their self-titled, critically acclaimed record, only to return less than two months later with a brand new three-track EP titled Glue. 

In light the heaven-sent deliverance, Bicep has also shared a deeply personal, nostalgia-ridden video for the EP’s lead track, “Glue”, where they pay homage to the barren rave sites that influenced them and UK rave culture as a whole. 

Directed by Joe Wilson, the video aims to, “reflect on the importance and idiosyncrasy these locations,” while juxtaposing text from the YouTube comments sections  the abandoned rave sites. 

Alongside “Glue,” Bicep’s latest EP sees two previously unreleased, vivacious, and yet blissfully concurrent cuts — “Metro” and “DLR.”