Berlin music tech company JAM to launch AI music platform

Berlin music tech company JAM has created the first AI-powered platform to produce high-quality tracks using pressional audio loops.

The AI’s neural network can produce a new music composition in just 10 seconds. It scans the vast JAM database 100,000 pro audio loops before selecting and sequencing them into full tracks.

In the “era the AI composer”, according to JAM, the user is able to easily work alongside the AI simple inputs to compose music across 32 different genres including house, techno, hip hop, trap, synthwave and electro.

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JAM CEO Rory Kenny, says: “Based on JAM’s prior experience in successfully democratizing music for millions young creators globally, we saw an exciting opportunity to develop an AI platform which could generate high quality ‘instant music’ based on a person’s command.

“In parallel, as we see music production increasingly move into an intelligent cloud, we predict there will be a huge impact on the music industry on the same scale as the shift from analogue to digital.”

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The unique combination their library 3.5 million music tracks and 500 million associated data points has enabled the rapid advancements in JAM’s AI platform.

Results will start showing on a new interactive website this month, with a larger commercial release set for early 2020.

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