Bassnectar Promises New Music On The Way As His Side Project Comes To Fruition [Details]

Bassnectar has been straight up spoiling his fans with new music — and he just confirmed even more on the way!

Summer 2017 brought Nectar’s first  and he followed up with its counterpart  in December. The latter included a special Bassnectar remix for his side project Naux Faux with long-time collaborator Sayr. Now, they are unleashing an entire Naux Faux EP!

The remix “Psyopia” serves up a taste what’s to come with the Naux Faux EP release, but keep in mind it’s Bassnectar’s take on the original Naux Faux track. When he first released this version, he opened up about the duo’s project, which has been years in the making…

Naux Faux is a new Bassnectar side project with long-time collaborator Sayr, it’s a throwback to a long-lost era deep, mystical electronic music: analog synths, shimmering sounds, pulsing chords, chopped up breaks… A tribute to the magical days the side room, the sunrise set, the discovery new spellbinding frequencies… Fans “Mesmerizing the Ultra” will likely find special delight in this…

Naux Faux – Psyopia (Bassnectar Remix)


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