And Your 2019 MTV VMAs Host Is… Sebastian Maniscalco

Greetings, confused teen who is Googling this to find out who Sebastian Maniscalco is! Yes, on Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, it was announced that Maniscalco had been selected to host the 2019 MTV VMAs. This is true and not some kind of prank one of the Stranger Things kids is pulling on you. So, here you go: Maniscalco is a comedian, and as the VMAs executive producer Bruce Gillmer put it: “Sebastian is on FIRE right now and his comedic spin on relatable topics will make this year’s show truly unforgettable.” For a more specific idea of what you’re in for, you can check out his Netflix special Stay Hungry. He also just shared his first promo for the awards show which has him confusing Cardi B with a nutritional supplement and excitedly assuming Childish Gambino is also Italian. So, it’s safe to assume Maniscalco is equally amused by this booking.