After A Bizarre SNL Performance Kanye West Calls To Abolish The 13th Amendment

Political stress within the states is as excessive because it ever has been. After an extended week of testimony in regards to the affirmation of a brand new supreme court docket justice, America has as soon as once more turn into polarized on each side of the political spectrum. One of essentially the most shocking voices championing the present administration it that of Kanye West.

When the legendary producer and rapper joined Twitter once more earlier this yr, he instantly launched into championing a pro-Trump agenda. This has led lots of people scratching their heads. Despite harsh criticism from each followers and friends, Kanye has not backed down.

Kanye West On SNL

Kanye West appeared on SNL this weekend because the musical visitor. While Ye carried out with a MAGA hat on, his most intense political assertion occurred after the cameras stopped rolling. Once the scene minimize after his track efficiency Kanye reportedly went on a pro-Trump tirade that many mentioned was nonsensical.

Now Kanye has doubled down on confusion by tweeting out a message calling for the 13th modification to be abolished. If you might be no conscious, the 13th modification abolished slavery within the United States. Even when the context is considered, this one is a bit insane. It appears Kanye's core message is that individuals of coloration now not want the safety of the modification, due to this fact it must be finished away with for good.

Uhhh, for sure nearly no one agreed with Kanye, even these on the intense conservative ends of the political spectrum…take a look at the tweet beneath.

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