Your EDM Premiere & Interview: UZ Drops The Music Video For His 'Bang'

Rounding f a highly successful music right now is who is not only leading the way with his boundary-breaking tunes but with his record labelThis week he is dropping the ficial music video for his track ‘Bang’ with Stööki Sound, ft. and , and we have the premiere below.

Read on to hear more about it…

You’ve had a pretty crazy year, and we’ve seen so much sick material from you and your Quality Goods Records. How would you best sum up 2017?

Looking back over your album release earlier in the year – which track continues to have the biggest impact on you as an artist, and which do your fans seem to love the most?

We’re hyped to premiere the ficial video to ‘Bang’ with Foreign Beggars and Onoe Caponoe, and it’s an intense watch to go alongside a (literally) banging tune! Who thought up the concept initially? What makes it an important addition to the track?

Where was it filmed, and how long did it take to get it just right?

Your production style and the way that you run your label seems to push the boundaries just releasing music – you tie in visuals, wicked video like this one here, merchandise and artist showcases in to the mix to make a complete package. Where do you see the UZ and Quality Goods Records brands heading next year, and beyond?